Friday, April 26, 2013

my first genealogy conference: NGS 2013 here I come!

It's nuts, I know, but when I return from a work conference in Montreal next week I'm taking a day to do my laundry and getting on a plane again the next day for Las Vegas to attend my first genealogy conference: the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference.

First time in Vegas, first genealogy event.

I'm going for two reasons: to get clues to our family's histories, and to learn about the world of family history. I've always been a participant journalist and this is the kind of opportunity to walk amongst passionate, interested people -- my favorite kind!

Doing this research on our families introduced me to a universe of thinking and science and ethical issues I'd not entertained. I'm hooked.

I look forward to meeting folks at NGS. I only know one other person who'll be there. If you're going, and have advice for a newbie, please let me know!

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