Tuesday, April 30, 2013

More pictures and stories

Where each of the family members lived on the island

Some of the buildings on the farm - no longer there

This is Henry's youngest sister, Lovise Marie. She corresponded with her US siblings. She apparently was loved by children. Jacob Lyster used to send her prunes and chocolate from the US which she shared with the local kids. She raised ducks for their down and could take eggs from a laying hen without disturbing them. There is a rock on the island, by the beach, called Lovise's rock.


  1. The story and photo of Lovise touched me. I'm not sure why, but these few details of her life showed so much character.
    So, thanks for posting! And welcome to GeneaBloggers.

  2. Oh, Donna, I'm so glad this resonated for someone else - before, Lovise was just the last name in a list of siblings. Now she's come to life surrounded by children and ducks... and imported chocolate!

    (I hope she never wondered why her siblings didn't move to Switzerland, instead, for the chocolate quality...)